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I will pay for the creation of posts and topics on the forum http://rebill.me/forumdisplay.php?f=27

For each post and topic I will pay you 0.87 cents.

Without a webmoney, you will not be able to register there.

I suppose (although I'm not exactly sure of that) that yours must have a formal certificate or above a formal one, in general try.

My wmid there is banned.

Text for the topics and posts will see in my contacts(i will send you the text).

Knock on my contacts:

rocky balqboa (skype:kluchnik2010)

icq 719478621

email bitcoiny2106@gmail.com




Single-time work.

It will only be necessary to create one topic and several posts.

You will also need to send two private messages.

A person who will do his job promptly will be my partner future for execution just about the same kind of works after some indefinite amount of time on the same forum

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