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after receiving my payment he never answers!!! here are the logs of my conversation with this kid, read it and nuff said...



(18:26:57) minkenry@xmpp.jp: ?

(18:27:24) ccjacky@jabber.hot-chilli.net/ab24a6e3-0e3a-43e0-b2a0-e43e8d6de6c7: am ready and my POS too..

(18:28:01) minkenry@xmpp.jp: ?

(18:28:04) minkenry@xmpp.jp: 101 ?

(18:28:36) ccjacky@jabber.hot-chilli.net/ab24a6e3-0e3a-43e0-b2a0-e43e8d6de6c7: philipino 101?

(18:28:49) minkenry@xmpp.jp: wish are best for you ?

(18:30:18) ccjacky@jabber.hot-chilli.net/ab24a6e3-0e3a-43e0-b2a0-e43e8d6de6c7: i dont know if u have read my 1st PM to u!! i've been in the 101 game for years but starting this year (2017) 101 is getting declined all the time!!

(18:30:27) ccjacky@jabber.hot-chilli.net/ab24a6e3-0e3a-43e0-b2a0-e43e8d6de6c7: let's go for 201

(18:30:41) ccjacky@jabber.hot-chilli.net/ab24a6e3-0e3a-43e0-b2a0-e43e8d6de6c7: i already have all the scripts for it...

(18:31:33) ccjacky@jabber.hot-chilli.net/ab24a6e3-0e3a-43e0-b2a0-e43e8d6de6c7: and even yesterday i edited a script for philipine u know the country and currency codes...

(18:31:59) minkenry@xmpp.jp: ok when u ready let me know

(18:32:05) ccjacky@jabber.hot-chilli.net/ab24a6e3-0e3a-43e0-b2a0-e43e8d6de6c7: am ready

(18:32:17) minkenry@xmpp.jp: u have funds ?

(18:32:19) minkenry@xmpp.jp: also

(18:33:12) ccjacky@jabber.hot-chilli.net/ab24a6e3-0e3a-43e0-b2a0-e43e8d6de6c7: yes give your addres but before that let us recap on what we talked yesterday... just for the sake of being clear..

(18:33:30) minkenry@xmpp.jp: 1usa 1 philipines

(18:33:43) minkenry@xmpp.jp: 1 u buying + 10%

(18:33:47) minkenry@xmpp.jp: second for cashout

(18:34:29) ccjacky@jabber.hot-chilli.net/ab24a6e3-0e3a-43e0-b2a0-e43e8d6de6c7: and the price for the 1 am buying is 50$ right?

(18:34:50) minkenry@xmpp.jp: i told is 55 ?

(18:35:07) minkenry@xmpp.jp: so PH 201 ?

(18:35:10) minkenry@xmpp.jp: and usa 101 ?

(18:35:17) minkenry@xmpp.jp: or bought 201 ?

(18:36:43) ccjacky@jabber.hot-chilli.net/ab24a6e3-0e3a-43e0-b2a0-e43e8d6de6c7: if i want 101 i know exactly where to get it from!!! i told u i've in this for years!! u can ask torcarders, vendetta and stuffacademy even 2tracks they all know me!!

(18:37:12) minkenry@xmpp.jp: listen

(18:37:14) minkenry@xmpp.jp: maybe

(18:37:18) ccjacky@jabber.hot-chilli.net/ab24a6e3-0e3a-43e0-b2a0-e43e8d6de6c7: 1st u said 45$ yesterday u said 50$ and now u r saying 55$!!

(18:37:19) minkenry@xmpp.jp: escrow is ok now ?

(18:37:33) minkenry@xmpp.jp: and we can hanndle more then 2 psc

(18:37:46) minkenry@xmpp.jp: 1 st 45$ for bulk

(18:37:58) minkenry@xmpp.jp: well 10 psc min

(18:38:04) minkenry@xmpp.jp: is norml price

(18:38:22) ccjacky@jabber.hot-chilli.net/ab24a6e3-0e3a-43e0-b2a0-e43e8d6de6c7: and yesterday u said 50$!!

(18:38:33) ccjacky@jabber.hot-chilli.net/ab24a6e3-0e3a-43e0-b2a0-e43e8d6de6c7: bro it is not about the 5$!!

(18:38:46) ccjacky@jabber.hot-chilli.net/ab24a6e3-0e3a-43e0-b2a0-e43e8d6de6c7: this is a partnership!!

(18:38:54) minkenry@xmpp.jp: am making so many deals

(18:39:01) minkenry@xmpp.jp: the digitgs fucked me

(18:39:03) minkenry@xmpp.jp: up

(18:39:05) minkenry@xmpp.jp: and if u scare

(18:39:13) ccjacky@jabber.hot-chilli.net/ab24a6e3-0e3a-43e0-b2a0-e43e8d6de6c7: if u r going to change your words all the time!!!

(18:39:14) minkenry@xmpp.jp: we can cancel this deal

(18:39:18) minkenry@xmpp.jp: or u can put in escrow

(18:39:20) minkenry@xmpp.jp: am fine

(18:39:29) minkenry@xmpp.jp: telling you 3 times now

(18:43:42) minkenry@xmpp.jp: ok?

(18:44:01) ccjacky@jabber.hot-chilli.net/ab24a6e3-0e3a-43e0-b2a0-e43e8d6de6c7: give me a min a bro...

(18:44:08) minkenry@xmpp.jp: have u try

(18:44:12) minkenry@xmpp.jp: canada ?

(18:44:15) minkenry@xmpp.jp: D+P ?

(18:44:18) ccjacky@jabber.hot-chilli.net/ab24a6e3-0e3a-43e0-b2a0-e43e8d6de6c7: nop

(18:45:45) minkenry@xmpp.jp: ok

(18:45:46) minkenry@xmpp.jp: bro

(18:45:50) minkenry@xmpp.jp: listen

(18:45:53) minkenry@xmpp.jp: i have to go

(18:46:01) minkenry@xmpp.jp: i though u have some real deals here

(18:46:03) minkenry@xmpp.jp: any way

(18:46:13) minkenry@xmpp.jp: contact me any day later

(18:46:29) minkenry@xmpp.jp: have some shit to swipe

(18:46:53) ccjacky@jabber.hot-chilli.net/ab24a6e3-0e3a-43e0-b2a0-e43e8d6de6c7: good luck

(18:47:03) minkenry@xmpp.jp: dont get mad bro

(18:47:07) minkenry@xmpp.jp: on my bro

(18:47:13) ccjacky@jabber.hot-chilli.net/ab24a6e3-0e3a-43e0-b2a0-e43e8d6de6c7: no am ready bro

(18:47:23) ccjacky@jabber.hot-chilli.net/ab24a6e3-0e3a-43e0-b2a0-e43e8d6de6c7: i wanted to tell lets go ahead!!'

(18:47:37) minkenry@xmpp.jp: mh

(18:47:37) minkenry@xmpp.jp: ok

(18:47:51) minkenry@xmpp.jp: paste dumps here

(18:47:57) ccjacky@jabber.hot-chilli.net/ab24a6e3-0e3a-43e0-b2a0-e43e8d6de6c7: but u need to stuck to your word!!!! 55 means 55!!!


(18:47:58) minkenry@xmpp.jp: or let me get u privnote

(18:47:59) minkenry@xmpp.jp: ok ?

(18:48:08) minkenry@xmpp.jp: 1KZx4wyVXsE5wWQxSw5bTqTmJs3ESUrTgi

(18:48:28) minkenry@xmpp.jp: 1 platinum

(18:48:31) minkenry@xmpp.jp: 1 gold

(18:48:42) minkenry@xmpp.jp: wait ill check banks

(18:51:49) ccjacky@jabber.hot-chilli.net/ab24a6e3-0e3a-43e0-b2a0-e43e8d6de6c7: done ive sent u 0.0131 BTC

(18:55:02) ccjacky@jabber.hot-chilli.net/ab24a6e3-0e3a-43e0-b2a0-e43e8d6de6c7: u can paste dumps here

(19:07:18) ccjacky@jabber.hot-chilli.net/ab24a6e3-0e3a-43e0-b2a0-e43e8d6de6c7: transaction is confirmed!!

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Гость 18thStreet

this fucking ripper was talking bad about many verifed shops, including my shop... i understand what reputation means little... i sincerely regret friend..

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Гость BlackMass
Originally Posted by RealAndRare
Soon even I will be posting some real crazy shit !! Mak take notice of this guy ...
What notice people this person some how get this reputation(i know how) and start acting like a crazy idiot also start ripping new members*we see the proof all ready*,even give to me minus and call me ripper with out dealing or talking whit me.There is no place for him here Moderators please do smth.this *senior member*is not deserve to be in our community. 10X

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Гость WWW

Minkenry = VinnyK = y0uMan


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