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    7 марта
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  1. I'm posting this list of rippers cashiers & pickup workers who most of them were good till at some point they ripped me off cause of greed! Well some of them are members on this forum and others to are not members. So anyone currently dealing with any of these workers should know at any point in time they are going to rip you also just as they have ripped us. You can add yours, Leggoo!!! I will be updating this list as times goes on! 1. CCBUYER - ICQ UIN - 231612735 ; He ripped me on the 1st order I did for him 1 Fridge pickup from ; Order Number - 83848-1674, after picking up he denied he's has not done any work yet and well that is proof of order and you can track it yourself on! 1st Order - ( Order Number ; 83848-1674) 2. Black Green - ICQ UIN - 680472061 - I worked with this guy and he paid me soo well all the time for all orders until point he run of with $2000 My Share Cashout From 3 Macbooks & 1 Surface Pro 3 Tablet. 3. AmandaEDU - ICQ UIN - 656201519 - This one greedy dude who paid me up for some orders and later zooed me up, He's a Cocky Ripper who will pay you up for first few orders later on rip you BIG TIME!!!! 4. Julio Reyes - ICQ UIN - 682435578 - This guy was linked to me by "BLACK GREEN" and he paid me once for pickup of Surface Pro 3 tablet and afterwards I did tv worth $2.59k which he picked up and refused to pay up my share! He's one hell of a nuisance avoid him at all cost! 5. FvkWallStreet - ICQ UIN - 674600154 - HE paid me over $10k Yet still he ripped me after he grabbed few items from store, I forgave him and redid another order for him and still same result which he refused to pay me up, HE used to be Good I don't know what took over! 6. Omertà Gaddafi - ICQ UIN - 694272611 - He paid me up for 1 pickup of GoPro Camera and when later i did 7 more for him he picked up everything and denied picking up order! he ripped me of $1.7k! Don't work with him he's a cheat! 7. Bernie Madoff - ICQ UIN 659300396 - He paid me couple of times and later ripped me of $1k or so, avoid him! 8. Yung Weez - ICQ UIN - 610332017 - Also one hell of a bastard he paid for few orders and ripped me of big orders sending me nothing! 9. Capital - ICQ UIN - 676412658 - He paid me all the time till he asked if I had other workers to which I replied I'm now searching for new ones only for him to Ignore me that instant and rip me of $600 which he was suppose to send from 2 Surface Pro 3 tablets he picked up! 10. Illuminated&hated (illuminated one) - ICQ UIN - 697425496 - He Ripped me off immediately after picking 1 MacBook & 1 iMac, he's a shitty fellow avoid him at all cause 11. Frank Lucas - ICQ UIN 613004962 - Also The Same person as Illuminated&hated (illuminated one) - He's a ripper period! 12. Steven Bennett - 646453789 - He's a shit as lame ripper, he got me for $3200 after he picked up 6 iMacs from way back & he recently added me up pleading for work... Avoid him at all cost before it cost you!