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    27 января
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  1. Originally Posted by usabuyer247 Trust ME!!!!!!! do NOT!!! buy from this shop!!!!! everything is dead and they have an excuse to blame it on you!!! you have been warned i dont ever leave much feedback, good or bad. my reputation online is not known. in my town mlowkey, ive bben to prison for this game because of a snitch, buit let me tell you this, the santa team has my respects, bases when fresh are the best ive ever fucked with. support has always been good. starting with the "valiant mr.VAlenoK", polpot, mr meek, turbo,diesel, snowey, hitman are by far some of the most punctual and fair support members ive ever encounteed. trustworthy. even if refund policy isnt the best,they still take he price. blesings to the team. May we continue strong and carefully in these days to come and lets keep the game ALIVE. happy dippin". Stay swiping.