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    3 ноября
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  1. Goswipe.name

    Originally Posted by Ncondamove juice gotta respect that! Carders don't get it nowadays man it's cool to share knowledge but a lot of shit don't need to be out in the open on these forums, shit turning into memes and shit and then people wonder why shit get spicy in them stores smh! Thts A Fact
  2. Goswipe.name

    Originally Posted by juice Bruh, I can't give you my spots cause they the last spots people even thinking bout when it comes to getting money/ GC's. People keep being friendly out here and sharing bins and spots and shit... then when ya shit dead you wonder why. Cause the last muthafucka you shared with got like 10-15 workers and they fuckin ya bin up now daily.. next they fuckin ya spots up daily.. then the security step up.. Добавлено через 1 минуту 58 секунд To be honest I love it on the low when people say a shop wack or is dead or bs. Then I get all my shit. Nigga out here doing no less that 6k/week solo no workers nothing I just dont use US bins anymore Добавлено через 1 минуту 46 секунд US debit bins will get you bagged if you keep hittin the same spots, and it will also make ya spots start saying "We now take cash or debit only" <---LOL I Hear U
  3. Goswipe.name

    Originally Posted by juice Shop is A1 just gotta know your shit. You dont gotta act like a fuckin thot and jump on every update like its the new muthafucka on the block. yesterday update i snatched 3 pc 1 domincan joint, one china joint, and one black card 101 (Master). Out of this I only used 1 so far and that 1 made me $2k in visa GC cause I dont have time for buying merch and selling that shit. People are slow as shit nowdays step ya game up or ill be making all the $$$$$ Добавлено через 1 минуту 56 секунд by the way I spent $180 total to get all 3 What Store U Took Em To? Seems Like All The Old Stores My Bins All Blocked
  4. Dumps from Senator Rescator

    Anybody Try His D+Ps Lately??