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    13 октября
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  1. Dude dont tell lies here... i sent you all you paid for.. the dumps and the malware... i will pm you with malware again
  2. They are private versions from author not public ones..public ones have backdoors in them.. Thanks
  3. DUDE you only sent me 1.6k for malware and 3k for dumps so i dont understand where the 8k is from.. i also provided you the dumps 135pcs and malware so dont piss me off
  4. Its been a year now since i bought it ... i dont have logs..
  5. I Bought it with reseller license from darkweb ... Short agreed to sort it out with me so i will update here if he does so
  6. If you think its a mistake then message me up and make payment for the stuff i sent you then we will be okay
  7. Pay to ecrow dude... hahaha Добавлено через 1 минуту 40 секунд I never ripped anyone dude and you know that... its hard to admit your fault but its okay i forgive you...
  8. Alright i guess the case is close now... you have admitted to being a ripper.. keep the malware and keep your money i dont need it i make enough just wanted to expose you... Добавлено через 1 минуту 29 секунд i will tell admin to close thread now ripper
  9. Yeah.. i posted my end of the deal let him do same... proofs speaks better
  10. Bro... if you dont need treasure Hunter why did you ask me to send it to you in the first place.... you are trying to play smart right.... Добавлено через 5 минут 55 секунд I am a legit man thats why i sent you upfront dude... i deal in real malware and their sources... am not bothered by Treasure Hunter i just wanna expose your nasty tricks in ripping potential good guys...