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    8 октября
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  1. I made a deal with this vendor to cash out 5 pieces of 201 dumps + pins at ATM for %25. I gave him balances of each card and a specific time for cash out and asked to be at ATM on time. Later, he told me that he cashed out all cards at POS. I generally give % 50 for POS cash outs but POS cash out is only done for remaining balance after you take all possible cash limit at ATM. I checked over the bank logs and saw was cashed 3800 USD. He told me that totally he cashed 3440 USD. I accepted his sum. Although all this amount totally was able to be cashed out at ATM and although we agreed him to cash out from ATM, I found a middle way between us and calculated half of the money with % 25 and other half with % 50. I told him he shall send me 2150 USD. Next day morning i asked him what happened with my money. He told me that it is very early hours and he would do later. Then when it is noon time he told me that money was refunded from POS, and he would not give me any cash. I tried to explain him that this is not my problem. And going to POS instead of ATM was also his decision… We were agreed to cash out from ATM.. not POS. Now i can not take my money… ripped. Asking forum admin’s help.