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    7 октября
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  1. Originally Posted by beatup1152 How good is this site please? Добавлено через 29 секунд I really wanna know if it's best 4/4 valid for me. $7 a piece . I think it is ok so far.
  2. Originally Posted by byt2821 doogleb3rry Hey bro , is this guy I doubt it. Fresh dumps was priced way more reasonably. only other site i found after he was gone that doesnt want $100+ Is Brians. His shit is legit Добавлено через 8 минут 45 секунд Originally Posted by amexicant damn crazy shit ... 1 out of 10 hitting and people still like "shit i made my money back, im cool with that" more like when you're sitting in jail bc u bought some resold shit 5 times over you might rethink who the fuck you throw your money at. Shit at least make it a stripper and see some ass and titties instead of a day of declines and then to jail with no rewinds just time.... Freedom cant be bought and you're selling it for free. BTW, Anyone need a job? Im hiring. YOu might get paid something eventually if i finally decide to pay you but i wont ever pay you, just tell you ill pay you tomorrow. but if the sun dont rise ill pay you double, just PM me, i got you, u think? Yeah I would Like to apply for the job you got. will I get many overtime hours? I really like overtime. If I could have all my hours between 9pm and 7am that would be perfect. I like it when there arent very many people in the stores I go in. plus I sleep all day. I am okay with the payment arrangements. but I want double every other month. and I will even Buy all my work from you, and you can just give me whatever your done with. allright so I am goona hit the sack, I wanna be well rested for my first day of work tonight.
  3. Originally Posted by doogleb3rry cheapest D+P is 150. so you spent 3000 and got 4000? made 1000? doesnt add up. coulda bought 150 $20 cards and if you made $200 a card average minus your 3000 investment = 27,000. whose acting like a noob? at least you got your pic taken nice and close up at all those ATM's. Hey nigga don't calculate my money I take only bulk with discounts and seller make me refunds for some cards.. Also some cards can give over $5K
  4. So I tried this shop. bought 3 dumps. 0/3 approvals on Square, shop approved 2/3. 1 came back dead. bought 4 cvv. 1/4 approval on square. only checked the three dead on site. again shops checker approves 2/3. so ended up with a $57 cvv. waste of money. just because an account number is valid does not mean in any way that the dump is correct. which is what I am trying to buy. I can generate valid numbers all day long. doesnt mean I can come up with good track Info. but since all that is checked by these checkers is the luhn algorhythm we all lose. well, we customers lose at least. they still got my $. i got stuck with garbage, like it was my fault their information is no good.
  5. Originally Posted by DunkZilla Same here, sent last transaction ID and got my acc funded where would my transaction history be?how can i find that?
  6. Anyone elses balance change when the site went down? lost all previously purchased cards and $51 disappeared from my balance.
  7. Originally Posted by doogleb3rry sold me an expired card. checker gives pre-auth error and no money back. no tickets on site, so how am I supposed to contact for refund? plus button to check returns after page refresh, and they charged me again for checking card. lost another buck just trying to get a refund on an expired card. Добавлено через 18 минут 36 секунд I only check cards that decline on square and of the 60 cards that I have bought from this website, only 7 have not been checked. which means 53/60 dead cards. don't waste your time and money. you can jabber me or PM me the order id of the expired card and i will refund . for your 7 pcs approved instore our of 60 this ratio it seems you bough from a old discounted base (s) which is $2 each , so if you use the my shop checker and automatic refund system correctly you will suppose to get refund for you 53 declined pcs after subtract $10.6 ( 20 cents per check ) so total paid for your working 7 pcs = $2 each + 10 .6 = $25 usd so it will be like $3.5 each for every working dump you got . its still a great deal for many customers . if you do not like you can buy from the newer bases which is better approval ratio and higher prices.
  8. 2/3 approved. tried one so far, and it went in store no problem. sent some more $ gonna try some more.
  9. Originally Posted by usabuyer247 doogleb3rry YES!!!!!n he was the shit!! i sure wish he came back!! for real. best site, only one thats even close now is Brians.
  10. first purchase. bought 6. 1 approve. got money back for 3 of five dead. about average for cvv game nowadays.
  11. Originally Posted by touchmoneyheff SantaClaus, SantaClaus, do you work with dude from Man, what happened to that guy. I miss freshdumps. that was the shit.
  12. hey santa can i get the link please? thanks