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    7 марта
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  1. If im spamming by sms using a API Can Fastflux be used for spamming i herd its harder to take down the page ?
  2. Smoker - icq 608605609

    I have messages in pm from smoker saying give me your icq , i gave him my icq and he added me. That's how i know that's the real smoker.
  3. Smoker - icq 608605609

    ok i understand now , thank you.
  4. Smoker - icq 608605609

    Bro just give it a couple more days and watch his name get assigned the status of ripper. It's the last time i send money upfront for any transaction again on this forum , From now on i will use escrow on every transaction.
  5. Smoker - icq 608605609

    This guy smoker is ripping more then 1 person , Please moderator do something about this. and hi's friend ninja giving me -1 rep when he has nothing to do with this issue ? what is going on here?
  6. Smoker - icq 608605609

    really ? what is going on here ? you made a tread about me that i ripped you on a previous tread and clearly said i ripped you on icq now you say u dont use icq ? LOL bro are you dumb are what ? Mak please look at this , Im having the same situation then the other guy who tried to lie i will give you password of my icq and you will see the convo this is insane ! :| Добавлено через 2 минуты 14 секунд NinjaInPygames, and how are you a senior member , giving me -1 as a rep when you don't even have proof or any idea of what happened , did he pay you ? lol honestly so far from all the forums I'm really starting to think this is the worse one .
  7. Me and smoker came to an arrangement that if i gave him 70 usd in btc he would give me 4k for me to sell for him and pay him after i sent him the 70 he told me wait for confirmation i waited and soon as the money was in his wallet he never answered me again . i have the convo saved for my security moderator please help me solve this issue . This is the second time Members don't respect their deal and rip me off. Code: Legit Dealer (08.02.2017 16:37):heyLegit Dealer (08.02.2017 16:37):andreyLegit Dealer (08.02.2017 16:37):i know we was on a bad footLegit Dealer (08.02.2017 16:37):but i would like to fix thisLegit Dealer (08.02.2017 16:37):my friend says he know how to make work these g2gLegit Dealer (08.02.2017 16:37):im sorry for what happened between usLegit Dealer (08.02.2017 16:37):and i would like to fix itLegit Dealer (08.02.2017 21:11):????@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 06:34):рш@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 06:34):hiLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 06:35):Hi@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 06:35):цщкл,@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 06:35):work?Legit Dealer (10.02.2017 06:35):YesLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 06:35):I have a guy that can take ur itunesLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 06:36):For 40% but im not making nothing@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 06:37):ok@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 06:38):but you send me money first!Legit Dealer (10.02.2017 06:38):Bro let start with 600Legit Dealer (10.02.2017 06:39):I only have 70$ right now@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 06:39):send me 100 usd@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 06:39):jr@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 06:39):send 70@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 06:39):1GzhnUTiBARKiiMtwKmZRDddBvrm2VjTdpLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 06:39):For 600 itunes ?@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 06:39):for 400@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 06:39):on stast@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 06:39):after cash out i send 800@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 06:39):after 2k@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 06:40):and we work!@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 06:40):1GzhnUTiBARKiiMtwKmZRDddBvrm2VjTdp@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 06:40):my walletLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 06:40):Lets say for 10kLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 06:40):U have ?@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 06:40):yes@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 06:40):i have@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 06:40):28kLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 06:41):For 10k how much btc can i send ?Legit Dealer (10.02.2017 06:41):Make me a good dealLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 06:41):I need to mane money bro@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 06:41):5300 usdLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 06:42):????Legit Dealer (10.02.2017 06:42):LolLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 06:42):Forget it broLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 06:42):Thank u@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 06:42):why?Legit Dealer (10.02.2017 06:42):Im gonna learn how to get them myselfLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 06:42):Bro my guy take them for 40% and im not makin a pennyLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 06:42):I can take them for 30%@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 06:42):4000 usd for 10k itunes?Legit Dealer (10.02.2017 06:43):3k@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 06:43):3500@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 06:43):;-)Legit Dealer (10.02.2017 06:43):I have to speak with my guy@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 06:43):ok@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 06:44):i waitLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 06:44):Because i found a guy who can buy them allLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 06:44):U need to trust me with 600Legit Dealer (10.02.2017 06:44):I will send 70Legit Dealer (10.02.2017 06:44):But i need 600Legit Dealer (10.02.2017 06:44):But i can only give 30% bro@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 06:44):after you send next money@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 06:44):?Legit Dealer (10.02.2017 06:45):Not now wait when i speak with my guy we make the transaction@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 06:45):600 itunes - 90 usd 30%Legit Dealer (10.02.2017 06:45):I wait for him to wake up@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 06:45):jr@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 06:45):i waitLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 06:45):Ok@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 06:51):bro@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 06:51):send me 70 i send you 600@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 06:52):after you send me 110@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 06:52):yes?Legit Dealer (10.02.2017 06:52):Yes but u need to give me time to sellLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 06:52):The time he answer me@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 06:53):ok@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 06:53):how time?Legit Dealer (10.02.2017 06:53):Bro give me some time@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 06:53):1-2 h?Legit Dealer (10.02.2017 06:54):Ill get back to you when ready@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 07:09):news?Legit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:14):Not yet bro@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 07:17):we work or not?@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 07:25):&@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 07:25):?@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 07:25):?Legit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:29):Not now@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 07:29):SEND ME 70@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 07:29):I SEND YOU 600 NOWLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:30):Bro im not sure the guy wants just 600Legit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:30):He want one shot 10kLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:30):Thats the thing broLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:30):I swear broLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:30):But u dont trust meLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:31):The only way i can get rid of those itunes is if u send 10kLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:31):U have nothing to loose i promise youLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:31):Im not gonna rip u i promiseLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:31):U have my word@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 07:31):ok @ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 07:31):we work@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 07:31):send me 500 usd@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 07:31):i send 10k@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 07:32):after cashoutLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:32):I have only 70 i swear to youLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:32):Look@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 07:32):send me next money@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 07:32):2500Legit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:32):I will speak to the guyLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:32):I will tell him to start with 4kLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:32):I will send 70Legit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:32):Send 4k i sell it to him then pay you@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 07:32):send 200Legit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:32):Then send the rest@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 07:33):i send 4kLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:33):I only have 70Legit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:33):I swear@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 07:33):load btcLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:33):Bro i swear i wont ripLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:33):I promiseLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:33):Dont be scared broLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:33):We can do it on escrow if u wantLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:33):Just trust meLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:33):70@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 07:33):возьмите у своего друга деньги! Legit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:33):Send 4kLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:33):Let me sell them for you@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 07:34):take money from the friend!Legit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:34):First time i know we had a misunderstanding but now i really do have the buyerLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:34):Bro he want the itunes firstLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:34):I know him personnaly dont worry@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 07:35):ok@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 07:35):we work@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 07:35):send 70Legit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:36):Bro u promise u send 4k right ?@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 07:36):1GzhnUTiBARKiiMtwKmZRDddBvrm2VjTdp@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 07:36):yesLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:36):Bro please dont rip me i will sell them for you@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 07:36):okLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:37):But bro now its 7:37Legit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:37):Am hereLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:37):I need to wait for the gu to come online@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 07:38):I will need to leave! I will transfer you material for sale! when you sell you will send me my part!Legit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:38):Ok@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 07:38):send 70 now and I give you materialLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:38):Sent bro@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 07:39):wait i checkLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:39):All convo recorded broLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:39):Please dont ripLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:39):Received ?@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 07:39):wait@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 07:39):i checkLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:40):Bro takes 2 seconds to checkLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:41):BroLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:41):U got it ?@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 07:42):no@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 07:42):money@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 07:42):pending@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 07:42):http://joxi.ru/4AkaGEJIpZjemq@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 07:43):we wait when arriveLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:43):ok i waitLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:45):bro send at least hafe menLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:45):i feel like your gonna rip me menLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:46)::@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 07:46):we wait for receipt of money!@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 07:46):pendingLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 07:47):ok please dont try to rip convo has been saved alreadyLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 08:01):Bro soon as its confirmes you send 4k right ?Legit Dealer (10.02.2017 08:02):I will sell the 4k and give you shareLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 08:02):Right ?Legit Dealer (10.02.2017 08:03):Bro dont try to go and make fake tread trust me a guy tried once before and he was assign status of ripperLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 08:03):Mak moderator knows im not a ripper@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 08:03):http://joxi.ru/BA0NRb7c3648my@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 08:03):wait@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 08:03):no@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 08:03):moneyLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 08:03):OkLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 08:04):I will help you sell them allLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 08:05):Please soon as its confirmed send al the cards on hereLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 08:05):I have to go ill be back later@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 08:06):jr@ndreуK.@ (10.02.2017 08:06):окLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 08:06):Thank u brotherLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 15:18):BroLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 15:19):Its not pending anymoreLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 15:20):Bro?Legit Dealer (10.02.2017 15:20):Here ?Legit Dealer (10.02.2017 15:30):Yoooo andreyyyyyLegit Dealer (10.02.2017 15:50):yo are you serious right now?
  8. there was only a misunderstanding ! and your gift don't work i can repay you 100 usd for the time wasted but thats all if you agree say so on here . Thank you
  9. i will return the 400 to your account , and the other 200 the buyer cant use it on his app store since its g2g it does not work bro stop trying to cause some trouble !!
  10. how can i show some screen shot on here i will show screen shots i have no problem with that
  11. This man says i ripped him but he is lying i did not rip him first i told him i had a buyer and gave the 200 to the buyer now the buyer put in the 200 in her account and saw on iTunes thats she could not buy anything with the 200 since smoker got the iTunes from apple in a fraudulent way so the 200 don't work for the buyer i told him that now the other 400 i told him I'm gonna put them in my iTunes account and try to send it as a gift then we argued back and forth and did not come to an agreement the 400 is still in my account i have not used it i can just send it back to him as a gift to his iTunes or app store for iPhone account thank you ! again I'm not a ripper , I would never rip no one in my life i make enough money.
  12. Shop is not working , I think Admin is making a update.
  13. Praym - icq 709430196

    bro why would i say icq get hacked i told mak he can pm me his icq or jabber and i will give him my password if he wants too and he will see with his own eyes , your lying and the part where he says this is my btc purse send and report will be removed this is not me this is all lies can someone please see that this guy is lying this is incredible i cant believe this Moderator please I'm asking you please to send me your info in pm so i can show you the real convo !!