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  1. i have the logs ready now @mak i just pm'ed you . all member who read this thread and want to see all our conversation and how this man beg me to take my dumps plz contact me . I WILL EXPOSE THIS MAN NOW AND HIS FACEBOOK TOO . I was not talking but since he refuse to give my money we will see what will happen now
  2. another blacklist i just found https://darknet.so/showthread.php?t=5142 so you are ripping everywhere ? i have already opened a case on another forum we u beg me to give you my base ...
  3. Originally Posted by TAPSTER Bought 4 more all declines but I guess I ran out of 2min refund timer if u could replace my 20$ or extend the cc refund because I use your cc for dumps bro ..would appreciate it What is your username in my shop ? Thank you. Originally Posted by cloakndagger FIRST 0 FOR 4 IN NEW UPDATE. all approved on checker but in store decline for 5 dollars. I will let you know these next 16 today. so far dumps are ass. What is your username in my shop ? Reply it here if you are real. Cause I know you are fake. Thank you. Originally Posted by mikelawry23 601195 do u have bin Don't spam bins , on my thread. -1 you get . Thank you.
  4. Nickname : eViLgEnIuS shop : BUYCC.RU ™ 24|7 ☭ CC & DUMPS shop : https://darknet.so/showthread.php?t=...ght=eViLgEnIuS Jabber UIN: evilgenius@xmpp.ru Profile Link: https://darknet.so/member.php?u=364 This Man ripped me 5k to take a base from me and resell inside his shop since i have not still received my money .. posting logs and screenshot very soon