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    23 сентября
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  1. I want to try it d+p. there is good results?
  2. Originally Posted by SUNNYGUY Good price bro, but what rate? i took 15 dp got some cash plus my $
  3. Originally Posted by DIAMONDDUMPS Solved bro thank you my brother
  4. Originally Posted by cindylou you buy $50 dumps ???? that to much for dumps that only do %50 at best/most I bought 12pcs, 7 was good other didn't work for McDs )) but i got my money back and make some profit. Today i'll try again.
  5. I am worked today with a new base of ToYSTORY valid was is 60/40%. Pls can u refund bad one?
  6. Hey mate! I see new base CA/OR, but nothing inside. When stuff will available??
  7. Yesterday tried 5pcs 2 was really hit, also 2 was refunded. Good shop.
  8. Originally Posted by mon_88 is his e.u and chinas any good honest feedback please Work with China a long time, tried this store last time. Valid sometimes 50/50. But profit was good.