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    16 августа
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  1. good shop ..too bad there is no refund ,,,when cards are dead ( once in a while)
  2. Gee123 - N/A

    lunar is a ripper and approved is the same person he just rip me also for 25$ petty ripper

    is he legit ?? is he free or wat ?
  4. he is ok .. glad his checker starts to work ...but he didnt refund me my 200 i was supposed to get .. he overlooked that request for a refund .... and still isnt going to give that back ..but i will move forward .. work is valid .. but low balances under 175
  5. free dumps with pin

    this whole post seems fishy n fake .. lol
  6. guy i load money on ur site every 2 hrs cuz i had sucess with 1-2 of ur pieces the rest didnt fucking work and ur checker was offline ... why not keep adding money to continue my business ... i was out of state and ur shit slowed me down alot ... NONE WORKED except 1 bin that made profit .... u didnt understand me when i said u didnt refund in time so i had to add money .... there arent many good shops out here since go swipe went down now im forced to fuck with ROOKIE Ass shops like this with cheating checkers .. i ADMIT i had bought 2 dumps out of 30 one did 1700 and another did 900 ... besides that ur shit sucks ur rate Blows and u are refusing to refund me .... ive seen better bro ... i keep adding money cuz this is my hustle and i know i cant wait on anyone so yea.. just plz refund me bro .. im ready to buy more .. and all u doing is holding me back over 560 spent and u refund 100 ... out of 20 bad bins thats sad and i buy atleast 3 bins for $50 and u dont refund them u suck
  7. fuckin ripper probably lies stupid fucks wit d+p rippers
  8. bro u know my name ... i load 200 to this shop one card works for 1700 the other 7 cards declined ... next i add more funds 200 because i couldnt get my refund on time . then i buy the same bin that does 1700 ... none of them work .. next i ask for a refund on them ... he refunds me first 200 ... and forgets that i ask for another refund .. he says 3 are good on checker .. but doesnt refund me the other 5 -7 dumps which totaled up to 175+ .... next i add more money to the site because i felt like he was a good choice and i was testing many new bins ... NONE WHICH WORKED FROM THE STATE HE SELLS FROM ... so now he refunds me 100$ and then tells me he gives me a refund already ... refuse to fuckin give me refund for the other bins that i requested about .... and says he will ban me while i have funds n the shop .. i have picture of all converstation .. im not trying to be a rat ripper or nothing i just wish ur checker worked and then this wouldnt have a fucking issue .. but no his shit is set up to rip a bitch off ... i was satisfied and didnt feel the need to do all of this but he cant refund my shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i fucking lost dealing with his shop .. he had 2 out of 30 pcs to fucking work in NJ wtf bro i just want my dam refund and i will continue to use ur shop atleast ur dumps when they work have over 500$ unlike other fuckin shops
  9. nobody sent me im a real freakin buyer .. i only had 2 pcs work out of 30 and i re buy the same bin that works and then i try over 20 freaking new bins NONE FUCKING WORK .... i write u many tickets u not responding .. because i buy high price items for 50$ and u not refunding my dam 400 + wtf
  10. 0-25 pcs didnt work and 2 worked 1 for 50 and 1 for 1500 ... the fuck isnt replacing my dumps wtf yooo i need my cash i just waste 500 with u fuckee cut my trip n funds short
  11. yes same freaking thing i have over 250 $ that needs to be refunded asap ... im out of town and he is costing me more cash ...... ticketing and refund system sucks balls
  12. that shop comes from mr white .. how can that be a scam ? it was on mr white site until he pushed it off .. do u kno a real d_+p site
  13. yo i need refund ur checker sucks ass all it says is checked and no results and the shits aint work ..