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    7 марта
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  1. Will do pickup

    Я могу сделать пикап ваши заказы в США с поддельным удостоверением личности в Западной Вирджинии, штат Пенсильвания или Огайо. Заказы Fedex или UPS приветствуются. -- I can do pickup of your orders in USA with fake ID in West Virginia, PA or Ohio. Fedex or UPS orders are welcome. Please contact me via jabber
  2. нужны немецкие логи

    Взять немецкие счета на обналичивание Необходимо иметь: логин и пассворт баланс более 4000 евро имя и адрес владельца Владелец должны жить в большие города - Берлин, Дюссельдорф, Франкфурт Нет postbank! Пишите личные сообщения --- Looking for german logins to cash them out. Requirements: Login and password Accounts must have 4000 or more euros Account owner must reside in a big cities like Berlin, Dusseldorf or Frankfurt Account holder name and address I can work with most major banks except postbank PM me
  3. I can cash xoom/azimo/transferwise/ria in UK

    I can receive and cash following transfers to my accounts in UK Xoom RIA Azimo Worldremit Transferwise Anything else similar, what can be transferred to UK bank accounts Most of transfers will hit account very fast (several hours after approval/instant after money release) If you can do small transfers between 500-1k$ - its still OK. I will pay your cut via BTC same day when money hit account. You are welcome to message me and discuss all that stuff. OTR support is the must!
  4. Mak, yes please! Do any action, ban this scamming nigerian hero. Or it will take just a few other days to get new ripoff report. Im ready to provide you with raw psi history about this scum.
  5. Before big forum crash he have topic, where he offer US drops. I post reply and he's back to me. Now, after this crash this topic wasn't saved. There was no ability to make wrong decision about somebody, who may impersonate him. |2016-12-06T17:13:36|1|from|N---|added you from darknet |2016-12-06T17:20:34|1|from|N---|you are here ? |2016-12-06T17:24:51|1|to|N---|hi |2016-12-06T17:25:05|1|from|N---|am n0 |2016-12-06T17:25:11|6|from|N---|subscribed |2016-12-06T17:25:21|1|from|N---|you added me for cap360 ? |2016-12-06T17:25:43|1|to|N---|ok. just to be sure - post me in public messages first part of your jabber login |2016-12-06T17:25:45|1|to|N---|yes |2016-12-06T17:25:57|1|to|N---|to be sure, that you is you |2016-12-06T17:26:11|1|from|N---|ok wait in public right ? |2016-12-06T17:26:14|1|to|N---|yes |2016-12-06T17:26:22|1|to|N---|private dont working |2016-12-06T17:26:47|1|from|N---|done |2016-12-06T17:27:18|1|to|N---|fine. so you have constant supply of capone drops, right? |2016-12-06T17:27:28|1|from|N---|yes |2016-12-06T17:27:32|1|from|N---|anytime you need them |2016-12-06T17:27:37|1|from|N---|i have 2-3 right now
  6. Originally Posted by mak UP group signed. Notify him about this report. N0 has chosen not to receive private messages or may not be allowed to receive private messages. Therefore you may not send your message to him/her. If you are trying to send this message to multiple recipients, remove N0 from the recipient list and send the message again.
  7. Was ripped by this scumbag for $900 (my cut from $1800 cashed) N0 - member.php?u=15737 JID: |2016-12-06T17:13:36|1|from|N---|added you from darknet |2016-12-06T17:20:34|1|from|N---|you are here ? |2016-12-06T17:24:51|1|to|N---|hi |2016-12-06T17:25:05|1|from|N---|am n0 |2016-12-06T17:25:11|6|from|N---|subscribed |2016-12-06T17:25:21|1|from|N---|you added me for cap360 ? |2016-12-07T15:19:38|1|from|N---|Hold |2016-12-07T15:38:32|1|to|N---|So? |2016-12-07T15:38:35|1|to|N---|saw yet 900 withdrawed |2016-12-07T15:39:28|1|to|N---|or this is rip off? |2016-12-07T15:47:11|1|to|N---|ok. i understand |2016-12-07T15:47:28|1|to|N---|you got it for just 2k. np |2016-12-07T16:08:27|1|to|N---|ripper |2016-12-07T16:20:15|1|to|N---|so, you rip me off for just 2k? |2016-12-07T16:20:19|1|to|N---|ok |2016-12-07T16:37:31|1|to|N---|fucken scammer |2016-12-07T17:51:31|1|from|N---|bro i couldnt take out 1,100 |2016-12-07T17:54:13|1|to|N---|yes, you take 900+900 |2016-12-07T17:55:51|1|to|N---|200$ is no prob |2016-12-07T17:57:10|1|to|N---| |2016-12-07T17:57:19|1|to|N---|$200 is no problem at all |2016-12-07T17:57:29|1|to|N---|what we do next? |2016-12-07T17:59:15|1|from|N---|fuck wait plz |2016-12-07T18:04:16|1|to|N---|wait what? you told me 45 minutes, now 8pm and wait for more? |2016-12-07T18:04:27|1|to|N---|i did all what i was intended to do |2016-12-07T18:14:04|1|to|N---|basically, when I will get my cut of money? |2016-12-07T18:19:45|1|from|N---|the 900$ was not authorized |2016-12-07T18:19:53|1|from|N---|and i left the fucking store |2016-12-07T18:43:59|1|to|N---|no problem. send my cut from $900 |2016-12-07T18:45:14|1|to|N---|i guess you get btc? |2016-12-07T19:01:37|1|to|N---|so, where is bitcoin even for my cut from $900? |2016-12-07T19:08:45|1|to|N---|I may remind you - my BTC address is 12GYHYifdw2xUJsEeJ7Upsoxxxxxxxxx |2016-12-07T19:10:41|1|to|N---|so, you are ready to send cut at least from $900 you take? |2016-12-07T19:42:57|1|to|N---|ok. I got, that you will not pay even that. no problem |2016-12-07T19:47:32|1|to|N---|I was sure, that you will rip me, but was yet thinking may be it worth to try to work again with english speaking person. Unfortunately, no. |2016-12-07T21:17:25|1|to|N---|? |2016-12-07T22:01:56|1|to|N---|so, you definitely rip me even for my cut from $900. |2016-12-07T22:01:58|1|to|N---|ok |2016-12-08T01:27:06|1|to|N---|so, you rip me off and now spending money? |2016-12-08T04:54:54|1|to|N---|,