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    17 ноября
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  1. Originally Posted by deputat Are you ok ? I add new cc to bases if you do not see them then buy glasses please Nah dude I dont need glasses but what U need to do is stop with the fake updates and get back to work with real updates because I've had money in my account sin January and cant find anything good to spend it on ur site
  2. I dont know why u keep posting new updates all ur cc are same u just keep changing the base name or date.......I check ur site everyday coz it used to be good now just a joke
  3. any feedback on this site? how good are the cc?
  4. Originally Posted by CentralShop All checkers its not our, its from external service, we can make refund when cards was not valid. Добавлено через 42 секунды Обновление от "beer", база "hoover" (834). 834 шт.United States Обновление от "bingo777", база "blair" (1603). 1603 шт.United States Обновление от "bingo777", база "taylor" (785). 763 шт.United Kingdom 4 шт.Belgium 3 шт.Jersey 2 шт.France 2 шт.Italy 1 шт.Finland 1 шт.Hungary 1 шт.Turkey 1 шт.Isle Of Man 1 шт.Chile 1 шт.Ireland 1 шт.Germany 1 шт.Austria 1 шт.Australia 1 шт.Sweden 1 шт.Netherlands Обновление от "beer", база "hoover" (635). 635 шт.United States Обновление от "ranyan", база "oliveira" (562). 562 шт.United Kingdom Обновление от "key5", база "marx" (899). 806 шт.United States 32 шт.Canada 11 шт.Australia 6 шт.United Kingdom 4 шт.Switzerland 3 шт.South Africa 3 шт.India 2 шт.New Zealand 2 шт.Brazil 2 шт.Taiwan 2 шт.Germany 2 шт.Belgium 2 шт.Pakistan 2 шт.Mexico 2 шт.Israel 2 шт.France 1 шт.Bahamas 1 шт.Turkey 1 шт.Egypt 1 шт.Slovenia 1 шт.Qatar 1 шт.Czech Republic 1 шт.Italy 1 шт.Saudi Arabia 1 шт.Ireland 1 шт.South Korea 1 шт.Chile 1 шт.Sweden Обновление от "robot", база "moro" (2106). 1988 шт.United States 57 шт.Canada 26 шт.Australia 5 шт.Guam 3 шт.Denmark 3 шт.New Zealand 2 шт.South Africa 2 шт.US Virgin Island 2 шт.Philippines 1 шт.Puerto Rico 1 шт.Sweden 1 шт.Bermuda 1 шт.Mexico 1 шт.Nicaragua 1 шт.Chile 1 шт.Israel 1 шт.Taiwan 1 шт.Thailand 1 шт.Indonesia 1 шт.United Arab Emirates Обновление от "bingo777", база "blair" (1640). 1640 шт.United States Обновление от "bingo777", база "taylor" (1046). 1046 шт.Canada Обновление от "mrz", база "schleicher" (637). 577 шт.United States 25 шт.Canada 10 шт.Australia 4 шт.United Kingdom 4 шт.Switzerland 2 шт.Singapore 2 шт.South Africa 2 шт.India 1 шт.Netherlands 1 шт.Botswana 1 шт.Hong Kong 1 шт.France 1 шт.Finland 1 шт.Sweden 1 шт.Italy 1 шт.Malaysia 1 шт.New Zealand 1 шт.Norway 1 шт.Japan just another weak excuses to rip ppl off or if u going to use "external service" make sure it working properly or dont use it
  5. spent $39 on one cc and checker comes back as valid but the cc was dead for $3 and this happened many time before but this time it got too much and the support team are rude N just dont care......what a joke ....time N money waste Добавлено через 12 минут 0 секунд also their checker is fake so many times it tells u cc is valid but when u go to use it DEAD I mean absolutely DEAD for even $1 this happened so many time.....and dont bother responding with "read the rule" thats there to help u rip people off and not the customer
  6. 90% of cc is without cvv -when u gonna upgrade into the big league and start selling worldwide cc with CVV
  7. is there ever gonna be a Real update of new fresh base coming or we just gonna be getting this same old "renaming bases with NOREF" come on bro been waiting since last year

    I wasted my money on ur site tho i give it a chance all i got was dead cc and really?? ur charging $25 for prepaid cc and $50 for other cc....SMH u must out of ur mind
  9. where is them "many people" at dude ur reputation is on on red -1 and no feedbacks

    still waiting on any reviews/feedback on this vendor? dont wanna pay just to see he has unless u have a solid feedback
  11. any reviews on this vendor? as prices are too high cant afford the risk at $50 per cc

    Any reviews on this site?? as he's asking a fee to be able to see what cc he has N that always rings alarm bell
  13. seriously when we gonna get the big worldmix cc like we used get before coz nowdays u just renaming old base and too much NOREF bases which i cant trust its just waste of money
  14. man ur site is just full of cc with no cvv when u gonna upgrade to real cc with cvv?