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    19 октября
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  1. Good update again, was here 3 month ago , this shit works
  2. Great Vendor with awesome stuffs.. Good job brother .. A+++++ seller
  3. Daily update! You are doing great work for me A++
  4. good job with Santa base bro thanks
  5. at least there is stability and excellent support
  6. Originally Posted by thejoaa nice update............ 8/10 workds. very happy A++++++++++++ Hey, what u took? Im only lose here.....
  7. Ppl who can't spend a few hundred dollars, them nothing to do here. Guys, need work and work for results... Today is not 2010 year. For last time my team take 201 and work with it better then with 101(sometimes). Also need risking and use newest bins. Shop is very well. Really have many different stuff and better then in other shops. So we will continue to do biz..