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    22 марта
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  1. Originally Posted by yope Ferodo, fuck you ripper i have all proof when admin told me to show him i show him fucking poor nigerian go eat Dick mother fucker Добавлено через 34 секунды mak, admin i try to change post section but i cant i dont know why You are just a retarded low life liar. I have never had any deals with you before..Yope or whats your name. You said you showed admin all proof but you cant post in this section cos you dont know why? Another fucking lie. Time will tell and you will be exposed. Pls ban this guy if he dont have nothing to show cos im 100% positive its a sham.
  2. It's been a week since this retard falsely accused me of ripping him despite the reality that i never had any business with him. He has failed to provide proof and has only succeeded in smearing my good name and i think its high time to ban him and delete this post. Admin pls act.
  3. Originally Posted by yope i give him 101 to cashout is cashout and dont send me my share 450$ dont deal with this ripper ask4jefe@jabbim.com ripper ask4jefe@jabbim.com ripper ask4jefe@jabbim.com ripper ask4jefe@jabbim.com ripper WTF!!! YOPE OR WHAT YOU CALL YOURSELF? I DONT FUCKING KNOW YOU AND NEVER HAD ANY DEAL WITH YOU BEFORE. YOU MUST BE A RETARD FOR MAKING THESE CLAIMS. I CHALLENGE YOU TO POST ANY LOGS IF YOU HAVE ANY. DONKEY!