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    22 сентября
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  1. Originally Posted by tomasvira1 jallo you dupms pin working in atm or not ? I use them in California to cashout on ATM machine, for me all fine
  2. hi not more fake faddeback. is mother fuker store nothing good dumps no remplaced nothing
  3. gr8 dumps. people who dont know how to use dumps , dont abuse this guy. its true not all work but which are working those giving good money. few pcs went for $500 keep it up tony. dont look for the new babies feedbacks
  4. Originally Posted by tomasvira1 I have 10 years in this business and that of dumps with pin is a scam. and not seen dumps with pin that is real in any place of these, otherwise stolen as good hakers. Robers VAULT MAERKET, VALIDDUMPS. LEGENDARY BRIANS Aye pm me bro your icq or jabber so I can talk to you I have a few questions for you and I got a few directions I can point you in for d+p I been in this gam 8 years
  5. no one is going to give you bin bro u try u win thats how u eat
  6. if i buy it hw do i get the dumps card?or i only get the raw in formation?