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    2 октября
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  1. update time on your cpu and it will work .
  2. I did i bought from michigan base. And im in micihgan bro. Every vendor have some fucking why that shit dont work
  3. Originally Posted by Jaydent21 This site is really ass. U check all this dead as pcs that keep take 20cent every check. U getting refund but after u finally get something to ap. Go instore and shit dead. No more money and no refund now on site. All this sites just made to take your cash when its approved on checker that do not means that it will 100% will works instore you still have to pass some securities . first of all is to buy dumps hacked from a state / city close to your working location and some time it have to match . also $2 for a dump is a good deal because they are older bases and you still have checker and refund system for them and you still complain for the 20 cents ... your are a hard customer to satisfy good luck with the other shops . Добавлено через 1 минуту 2 секунды Originally Posted by ancient38 it's works thanks for your feedback
  4. Originally Posted by dandurand Hi dear just for tell u .. ur dumps very bad 0/9 what base did u try bro?